We believe that theater and film give people voices that can powerfully restructure our understanding of humanity.


Our mission is to create and produce perspective altering entertainment.

our approach to storytelling:

recover, define, establish.


We recover our legacy through researching, writing and producing unknown histories from across the African Diaspora with research and imagination.





We define our legacy by telling our modern stories and sharing our experiences


We establish our legacy by fearlessly pushing the boundaries of the role of business and the arts.

Perspective Altering

We are producers with a passion for new perspectives. We believe that new perspectives can challenge us to reconsider the way that we see the world and rethink our potential impact on it.

We believe that good thinking and good stories come from the presentation of accurate and unusual knowledge. This is what we do. Our narratives teach our viewers that every voice is a valid and meaningful contribution. We uncover stories and research and evaluate them for their ability to shift our thinking away from singular narratives.
We are producers with a passion for narratives that challenge what we believe to be true about each other, about history, and about the underlying causes of our present society.
We are in search of unheard stories. From destructive wars to all-encompassing love, we seek to discover inspiring, heart-breaking, powerful stories that allow us to remember those critical moments that have not been recorded in our collective public memory.
We are problem solvers and we believe that understanding the past is the key to an accurate present reality and a successful future. Our narratives present lived histories, that is, those histories that still impact the nature of our society today.