The War at Home: Police Brutality Reader (2018)

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Jesse Thornton has just returned from WWII to face a harsh reality — he will never taste the freedom he risked his life for abroad. America is the same — mob lynchings, Jim Crow, separate but unequal, and racial terrorism. Based on the true story of Jesse Thornton, as investigated by the Civil Rights & Restorative Justice Project in Boston, MA — the story tells of a black veteran, chicken farm manager who was killed by a white police officer for refusing to call him “Mr.” “The War at Home” is a story of black soldiers who fought for freedoms they would never know, the untold sacrifices of black women who were not honored as Rosie the Riveter’s, and a country grasping for answers to the: what is democracy in America for the Negro? This is a story about how America lost World War II.